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The Dr Asa Network , known as “believe” is world’s first all-health media network home for television shows, radio shows, podcasts, reality television, docu-series, and streaming digital network where you get your health content the way that you want it, On Demand. Dr Asa Andrew, the world’s leading 3-Time physician, created the dr.asa network for health and wellness-minded people that want to take control where they get their health content and their solutions.

Believe: The Dr Asa Network is for those that refuse to wait for someone else to attempt to help with their health challenges, but rather want to take responsibility and make their health a top priority. All of us here at the dr.asa network , understand that the outcomes of life are literally the thoughts that you consume. During Dr. Asa’s years of clinical practice and pioneering the health media movement, he realized that physicians, could make a tremendous impact with teaching people how to take responsibility for their health and their lives. In years past, doctors would make house calls and help a person regain their health. Dr. Asa Andrew MD realized with the power and influence of media, we could still make a global impact by reaching and impacting one person at a time.

For years Dr. Asa Andrew has  hosted the largest daily syndicated 3-hour health talk radio show in the world, the  Dr Asa Andrew Radio Show. He soon began to witness how lives were being transformed by this caller-driven show with questions and topics ranging from weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and longevity, to some of today’s toughest health challenges. Dr. Asa then launched our daily television show, The Dr Asa Andrew TV Show, which was then seen  in over 300 markets and 65 million homes.

Dr. Asa Andrew developed a message built around the concepts and principles of Lifestyle Medicine and is designed to teach other how to empower themselves to reach new levels in their health and their lives. So with years of experience in health media, we decided to launch a digital health network, called The Dr Asa Network, that gives you access to some of the best health and wellness information in the world. Our goal is to give you balanced information that is evidence-based so you can make informed decisions about your health and wellness goals.

At The Dr Asa Network you will find original television and radio programming that is on demand when you want it on our APP, smart phone, tablet, or smart TV. We give you 24/7 access to our health care providers, hosts, and lifestyle specialists that will help you toward empowering your health mentally, physically, and nutritionally. You will find topics on nutrition, exercise, latest medical research, alternative medicine, natural news about healthy living, and overall well being and more.

If you look at the statistics, all media is headed toward becoming digital. About 35% of media buying is done online and will surpass 50% soon. Smart TV and phones are replacing television sets and the streaming model is in full speed.

Amazon, Netflix and Hulu are taking a large market share from giants like NBC, CBS and ABC with millions of Americans replacing their cable provider with online channels. When is the last time that you watched your favorite program and tweeted it with me @DrAsa from your smartphone or tablet while getting a text from your buddy, and then answering a work email to finalize a big business deal?

There are over eight hundred channels that make up satellite and traditional cable networks. The consumer today wants to have their content with what they want, when they want it. That is why everywhere you turn now you see Spotify, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube dominating the video space and world.

Eighty percent of the root cause of most of the health challenges that we face today is rooted in emotional and environmental toxicity. That means that our theory that most of what we struggle with like heart disease, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, depression, and others are based in our genetic makeup is not exactly true. The research is now telling us that what we think about and our lifestyle choices that we make each day are the greater determining factors for our health outcomes.

The foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the exercise we get, the sleep we achieve, the stress we manage, and the relationships we maintain are the overall determining factor for our health.

On believe, we want to help bring inspirational and thought provoking entertainment that will increase these conversations and help to inspire growth, transformation, and help people become the best version of themselves.

The reality is that the beginning stages of great health starts with what we put in our mind. We become what we think about. So whether it is working out with your favorite trainer each day, seeing your favorite doctor, or cooking with your favorite chef, the goal at the Dr Asa Network is to provide you with the personalities and the content to help you in your daily lives and thrive instead of merely survive. It is vital to your health that you control the information that you consume each day and use it to its fullest to optimize your health and wellness goals.

In addition to all health digital media network, Dr. Asa Andrew developed additional resources to be able to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. On Demand health care is an emerging field with and many of the top hospital groups like Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson, Emory Healthcare, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins, have developed digital telemedicine platforms to help you connect with a health care provider of your choice on your terms, when you want it. This is On Demand Healthcare.

Now rather than sitting in a doctor?s office for 2 hours waiting for an appointment, you can talk to your doctor on your smartphone or tablet and get the advice and help that you thrive.

Believe- The Dr. Asa Network is for those that want to empower their health to the next level. We are always looking to expand our list of experts and contributors for The Dr Asa Network. If you know someone that is a proven resource in line with this network, have him or her visit our pitch your show page and if they would like to advertise with us visit our media page.

We believe it’s time to help others take responsibility for their personal health and inspire wellness. The choices we make today, can and will, determine the health we will have tomorrow.

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