Why Onions Are So Healthy

Written by Dr Asa Andrew

Vegetables contain powerful nutrients that can transform our health. One that has much research behind it is the onion. Onions contain many healing benefits to help support better overall health. Some of the immediate benefits of eating onions include increasing our immune system and many other functions. Lets look at some of the key areas that onions can help for empowering your health.

1.Improves Heart Health
Listen, the good news is that there has been much research on how onions can impact our cardiovascular system. There are strong anti-clotting properties in onions by its high content of sulfur. There is also new information on how the onion sulfur content can reduce LDL cholesterol and lower triglycerides. 

2.Great For Bone Building
You might think of increasing bone density with onions sounds absurd, but now doctors are seeing new studies are showing how onions can be as powerful for bone density as getting regular resistance exercise. This is especially important for women that are in post- menopausal years. Eating onions on a daily basis is what showed these effects in the studies.

3.Cancer Protection
Eating onions 2-3 times per week is all that’s needed to get the great cancer fighting protection from onions. The cancers that onion helps to fight against are colon, ovarian, laryngeal, and esophageal. The research is clear on onions. If you are going for cancer protection, go heavy on the onions – and the breath mints!

4.Better Blood Sugar Balance
Controlling blood sugar for people that struggle with diabetes is a real added benefit to eating onions. 

5.Reducing Inflammation
Inflammation tends to be the root cause of many of the health challenges that we are facing today. From arthritis to allergies to auto-immune conditions, onions have added benefits to support against these health challenges. Again, it’s the sulfur molecule that makes the difference called Onionin A. Also containing quercetin, this powerful antioxidant can work wonders in lowering the levels of oxidized fatty acids in the body. 

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