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Applause For The Show

"He is a doctor but he's also a teacher. In my opinion, he is teaching a Common Sense approach to health that is critical to us living the healthy life we all deserve. We have been fans of him from the beginning. It has been encouraging to see the show grow. "

Dave Ramsey

New York Times best-selling author

Nationally Syndicated radio talk show host

"He has been a great addition to our weekday line-up. He is now in our ranks with greats such as Rush, Sean, and Glenn. Here at WLAC, we already had a strong weekday lineup. Now we are seeing the impact of the show in our overall numbers, ratings, and community involvement. Having this show in our weekday lineup has added new listeners and positively added new long-term business revenue to our station. I would strongly recommend adding this show to any news/talk line-up."

Craig Hahn
General Sales Manager

iHeart Media, Nashville

"I added the show two and half years ago and have been very pleased. We have had sponsorship dollars attached to an evening show for the first time ever. I dropped the politics at those hours (formerly Savage and Boortz) for a lifestyle show and the ratings went from a zero to a seven share in the next book. Dr. Andrew also makes an impact by personally speaking to clients and listeners alike through our station functions. His "America's Lifestyle Coach, MD" brand can go far beyond the station, and certainly beats another political show at night after talking politics for the previous 12-15 hours of the day."

Brian Hall

Director Of News/Talk Programming
iHeart Media, Asheville
Fox Sports 1440 Greenville

"Broadcasters are charged to serve the public. To be sure, our main "Customer" is the listener. If they're served, everything else will fall into place. Dr. Andrew affords us the opportunity to serve our listeners in an area that is becoming more and more critical - their health. Ask anyone, health is top of mind and your station will add audience and become vital to its listeners by airing this program."

Jonathon R. Yinger

President and CEO

"When we first launched the show in Nashville, he had the highest rating on the weekend and was a top personality for the station. His ratings are through the roof and his TSL was 1 hour and 30 minutes. I was glad rot see him make the move to being syndicated daily. Radio is definitely ready for Daily Healthy Talk Radio! Ranked #1 A35-54 Talk Personality, Arbitron: Summer 06-Spring "07 2Bk average TSL."

John Mountz

Program Director
iHeart Media, Birmingham