Why Are You So Angry?

Written by Dr Asa Andrew

Anger is a normal emotion for many. Let’s face it, we all get angry at times. It’s not that we get angry, because emotions are normal.  It is what you do with the anger that makes the difference. The ability to keep your cool is vital. However we are now learning that frequent spikes in anger can lead to an instant heart attack or stroke in many people, even without a genetic tendency. And this can take place just hours after an anger episode. So how can this danger toward our health be avoided? Let's look at how we can naturally take care of our health and manage our emotions better.  The European Heart Journal (link journal) recently said that in just two hours after an anger episode, the risk for heart attack and stroke increases almost five fold. That’s amazing! So if you are a hot-head on a daily basis, then watch out for the detrimental effects of not managing your temper. Listen, the question is, “how do you control it?” I’m glad you asked. It really comes down to your own desire to manage your emotions. Are you using anger to hurt others? Are you fearful? Is it your way to get what you want? You have to determine the root of the anger for empowering your health.

Then there is the actual biochemistry. There is actual evidence that when certain neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are off in the body, that it is easier to fly off the handle with anger. Certain key nutritional deficiencies can cause these brain chemicals to not be effectively balanced. So for your reasons why you get angry? Go talk to a counselor. You have to get that figured out. For the biochemical reasons, here are some natural ways to balance out your neurotransmitters to get them as healthy as possible. 

When asked, I would definitely recommend getting a neurotransmitter test by one of our lifestyle providers to help understand where your overall brain chemistry is.

Here are your keys to maintaining great brain health.

1.Eat More Greens

2.Get Plenty of Omega 3 Fats

3.Eat More Red Bell Peppers for Vitamin B6

4.Eat Protein In Every Meal

5.Make Magnesium A Priority

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