Natural Help for Acne

Written by Dr Asa Andrew

Healthy skin seems to be a great indicator of health. As a matter of fact we tend to make remarks about the “glow” that people have about them. However, there are many issues that can arise from not having healthy skin. For so long we asked the question and have believed that skin issues come from the outside –in. However, we now know that with the skin being the largest organ that we have, skin issues typically come from the inside-out. That’s why keeping a great healthy internal environment is essential in having healthy skin. One of the largest issues we see with the skin is acne. Acne can be a challenge to the self-esteem of anyone who deals with it. Teens and adults can struggle with this condition. Lets dive into how to help keep clear healthy skin. The first and most important step is keeping the gut healthy. That means keeping the good bacteria healthy in the gut. Theralac is one of the best probiotics I have seen to help this condition. A healthy gut will yield healthy skin. In skin health, there are some definitely do’s and don’t’s. The way we take care of our skin is vital. Here are tips of what not to do on a daily basis that can actually damage your skin.

1.Washing your skin too often
Your skin has natural oils that it needs. Washing too often can make acne worse.

2.Scrubbing your skin
Avoid the heavy scrubbing with exfoliants

3.Eating greasy foods
Listen, it’s a must for healthy skin. We have to lay off the fried foods and focus more on healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocado, and fish oil

4.Using skin care products with mineral oil
Avoid the typical mineral oils. They can affect the pores

5.Not cleaning sweaty skin
Don’t let the sweat stay. Wash the skin after a tough workout

So that is what not to do to help keep acne away, and to keep your skin healthy on the day-to-day for empowering your health. But what can we do from an internal standpoint to keep the skin healthy?

Our eating habits will make the difference in healthier, acne-free skin.

Here are some quick tips:

1.Use probiotics
They keep the bacteria in balance and keep the gut healthy.

2.Eat more Fat
Healthy fats keep the skin healthy such as nut, seeds, avocados, and olive oil.

3.Protein power
Keep your protein up for healthier skin

This is an underestimated mineral for the skin. Zinc is a powerhouse when it comes to overall skin health. 

5.Fruits and Vegetables
These are a must every day to hit all of your goals.

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